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Sambalpuri Bastralaya Handloom Co-operative Society Ltd, Bargarh is a handloom Cooperative society functioning since 1954 and emerged its kind as an Apex Body in the state of Odisha under Handlooms, Textiles & Handicrafts Department. It is a Production-cum-marketing unit having its turn-over about Rs.50.00 crore per annum. The society provides raw-materials to its weaver members and collect the finished goods by paying fair wages to them and market their product in its own sales outlets as well as through agents and by participating in Various Expos, and Exhibitions inside and outside the state to generate funds for providing regular employment to the poor weavers of this region as well as to the weavers of the Eastern part of the state of Odisha through the affiliated W.C.S. and also to provide technical knowhow to them for their socio-economic development. The society has a Dyeing unit of its own at Bargarh, in which grey yarn about 200 bundles has been dyed to meet the requirement of the production branches for production. The colour used in the fabrics are AZO free and having fastness in rubbing and bleaching. The society has 40 nos. of production centres of its own and marketed its products through its 43 nos own sales outlets and 11 nos of sales representative inside and outside the state of Odisha. The products manufactured by the society are thoroughly checked by technical staff of its quality control section. After that the same is supplied to the sales unit for marketing of defect free product. The production ranges of the society covers production of tie & dye design sarees, dhotis, Lungies, Napkins, Bed-covers, furnishing materials, dress materials and so on of cotton yarn, mercerized yarn, silk yarn and tassar yarn. The range of production is more than 3000 varieties.

Present Status

  • Sambalpuri Bastralaya is one of the largest Primary Weaver’s Co-operative Society in the Country.
  • It is producing exclusive handloom fabrics as well as undertaking marketing of those products.
  • 5628 number of highly skilled weavers with 5365 looms are working under 40 production centres of this society.
  • In addition to the above members many weavers from its 90 associated Primary Handloom Societies in the state are also working with it.
  • Its production estimates to about one fourth of the total Handloom production of the state under the co-operative fold. It has a large network of marketing both inside and outside Odisha through its 43 nos of own sales outlets & 11 sales representatives.
  • Because of its strong infrastructure network, it functions like an Apex body within the Co-operative frame work of the State.
  • With identity of excellence, it produces exclusives Sarees, Dress Materials, Scarves, Home Furnishings, Bed Sheets, Handkerchiefs both in cotton,Silk & Tasar yarn with jalla & dobby designs.
  • Recently this society has developed 167 nos of designs under Design Referance Collection of Odisha Handloom given by this 5 eminents designer named by Mr.Bibhu Mohapatra, Mr.Rajesh Pratap Sing, Mr.Rakesh kumar Thakur, Ms.Anjali Kalia & Ms.Rta Kapur chishti having International reputes which have good response in the market.